Ethical Guidebook

A discussion of the difference between our personal values and our public ethics, how mature citizens can support both, and why our love for public ethics must trump our love for personal and group values when they conflict in the public space. Ethics offers a guidebook for evaluating public issues and finding multilateral solutions to endless cycles of values centric conflicts and unilateral violence.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Vote for Ethics

Support for Obama from folks who might traditionally have voted for someone ‘more like themselves’ may reflect a deeper change going on in this nation than just setting racial schisms aside. Our decade long love affair with self-centered values based thinking has left this nation mired in a costly unilateral conflict and unregulated values-driven excess. There’s nothing wrong with having strong values, but values alone cannot define what’s right for a country and for the world. We are recognizing the need for ethics - the need for higher principles, fair play, and multilateral solutions to complex values-driven conflicts, shortages, and excesses. We are voting to put public ethics above personal values.


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