Ethical Guidebook

A discussion of the difference between our personal values and our public ethics, how mature citizens can support both, and why our love for public ethics must trump our love for personal and group values when they conflict in the public space. Ethics offers a guidebook for evaluating public issues and finding multilateral solutions to endless cycles of values centric conflicts and unilateral violence.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

There's a fundamental difference between Ethics and Values that has been blurred to the advantage of fundamentalists on all sides. Ethics is about fair play, rule of law, conditional police actions, and consideration and accomodation of those less like me as well as those more like me. Values is about getting ahead for our team, rule of hierarchies, unlimited war, and demonizing the other guy. Let's make sure we include some analysis of support (or not) for Ethics in the discussion of issues, not just different Values butting heads...


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